The Course is divided into three levels with 19 separate modules representing all hotel departments that undergo sustainability audits.

Totaling around 35+ hours of interactive learning with over 300 quiz questions, participants can select to play and compete against each other in either English or Greek (more languages are expected to become available soon).

Who should participate?

  • Staff training for all levels (Frontline, Middle and Management)
  • Induction (new hires and management trainees)
  • Onboarding

How to play?

  • Each level has a number of independent Sustainable Challenges.
  • Players can select and play any Sustainable Challenge from any of the three levels as many times as they wish.

Sustainable Challenges
Every Sustainable Challenge is designed around a hotel department with three Missions to be completed.


  • Mission 1: Statement of sustainability impacts of the selected department.
  • Mission 2: Presentation of good/best practices that can be implemented by your staff in the selected department.
  • Mission 3: Quiz game relating to Mission 1 and Mission 2.


Every Mission has a target score. Participants can improve their rankings by playing any of the Missions again and again. Only their best score is saved.


The Leaderboard presents the overall ranking of all players for all Missions in all three levels.

The Scoreboard presents the overall ranking of players for all Sustainable Challenges in each respective level.

Depending on performance, players win badges too. The most difficult badges to earn are in the quiz, Mission 3.
Hassle-free and engaging!
By using leaderboards, scoreboards and badges your staff will be motivated to work in a more “sustainable" environment, learn how to engage in sustainable practices in the workplace with "smart" “no or low-cost” practices and help reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and contribute to sustainable tourism development.