Gamification, the latest trend in corporate training

Leaderboards, Scoreboards and Badges
Training is based on gamification principles which integrates gaming techniques in order to make learning more enjoyable and more interesting. Gamification facilitates the strengthening of a positive attitude, as in this case where the programme is aimed at growing a sustainable tourism culture among staff.

What you can do with Gamification
Staff competitions and challenges
Get all your staff engaged in sustainability. Create friendly competitions and hold weekly contests to reward your top performing employees with the highest score on your dedicated play area of leaderboard, scoreboard and badgeboard.

Gamification advantages

Better pedagogy
Studies have shown that gamification increases learners motivation and engagement to learn.

Increases retention
The interactive graphical user interface together with the multimedia content provides an enhanced learning experience.

Immediate evaluation
Immediate measurable results and feedback: Integrating online quizzes  evaluates faster pace of learning.

Training that works for Millennials
Millennials have become the largest generation in the workforce, and by 2020 they will form 50% of the global workforce. Millennials are generally well-informed, electronically savvy, like personal attention, and are passionate about environmental and social justice issues and learn by playing games.